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My studio is fully stocked with various props, wraps, backdrops, headbands, sleepy caps, outfits and more! Because no baby is the same, I carry things for every color palette and make sure each session is customized to fit each clients needs. The only thing parents need to bring is themselves and baby, I have the rest. 

Mamas get to take advantage of my wardrobe and have full access to my client closet. I have invested in various dresses in different sizes and colors to help accommodate all shapes and sizes. These are great for family, maternity and newborn sessions.

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starting at $350

Congratulations on one of the most exciting times for you! I know pregnancy is hard and my goal is try and make this as effortless as possible for you. I suggest hiring a hair and make up artist prior to your session. Outdoor locations are used for these sessions as well as natural light. There are several different areas around that offer a wide range of options for your locations. Some ideas are by the water, at a park, downtown, etc.

Mamas get to take advantage of my wardrobe and have full access to all the gowns and skirts. I have invested in various dresses in different sizes and colors to help accommodate all shapes and sizes. 

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Couples & Engagements

These sessions we get up close and personal to capture the raw emotion between you two. There may be times you're laughing so hard you feel like you will burst and others may make you tear up a bit.

This is how we capture those photos that make you feel all that emotion each time you look at it.

I hope you aren't shy or at least you won't be by the time the session is over! Usually a little liquid courage always helps us get started :)

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starting at $395

Newborn photos are some of their first moments captured forever. You will receive a variety of images with your baby posed as well as in props. My studio is full of outfits, different color wraps and props to use at your session. Each session is hand-picked to coordinate with your specific taste and color palette.

This session is done at my in-home studio located in Belton, TX. Babies are typically between 4-16 days old at the time of the session. I suggest booking when Mamas are in their second trimester. Please send me a message if you have any other questions I can help answer. 

Your babies first photoshoot will absolutely contain poop, pee, crying and maybe some spit up. I like to put it out there right away - Moms, don't put pressure on yourself that your baby won't do that. I fully expect it, I'm ready for it and yes, it happens at every session, haha! :)

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families & Portraits

Family and portrait sessions are nothing short of fun! We have a fun time no matter the setting.

Whether we are walking around town and chasing the sunset in Austin or wading in a warm shallow river near by, the images will be stunning and we will have a blast shooting them!

I love children! We interact the entire time with games and actions for them to do. The results in your images are great and they have fun and stay engaged. It's a great way to have fun as a family and bring home memories to hang on your walls for all to enjoy.

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